45th Annual Exhibition & Sale

June 10 – July 8, 2023

Opening Reception June 9 · 6 pm· Brown County Art Gallery

…a Juried Fine Art Exhibition and Sale of traditional and representational Indiana art following the legacy of the artists who founded the Brown County Art Colony in the early 1900s.


Shanna Kunz

Shanna Kunz is s a contemporary landscape painter, raised with a strong connection to the land and a deep sense of place. Her upbringing in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, as well as her experiences exploring the mountain ranges and deserts of the West, have heavily influenced her work. Art, music, and family have been constant sources of inspiration for Shanna and have helped shape her unique voice as a painter.

In her work, Shanna seeks to capture intimate imagery that resonates emotionally with her viewers, rather than depicting specific locations. Her paintings are characterized by their complexity, moodiness, and honesty, and are often described as transcendental by those who view them.

Congratulations to the Artists Accepted into the 45th Annual Exhibition

Anne-Karine Bley

Jeff Bottom
November Gaze

Eric Brock
Late Summer Pasture

Char Beth Brown
Daffodils and Citrus
Looking Back

Beverly Bruntz
Queen Anne Along the Canal *
Three’s Company

Luke Buck
Oyster Country
Bus Drivers House

Ken Bucklew
Heart of April
On the Snowy Sandbar

Ron Burgess
February Tradition
Wildflower Surprise

Mark Burkett

Susie Byerley
Song Among the Rushes
Little Lady

John Michael Carter
Morning Light (Charles Bridge Prague) *

Cindy Crofoot Mulvaney
The Look
White Roses *

Mary Ann Davis
Along the Road

Lyle Denney
Summer Sky, Lake Michigan at the Dunes

Steve Dodge
Stott’s Creek
I Am Diné (Navaho)
Indiana Autum Abstract

Fred Doloresco
Christmas Shopping *

Lynn Dunbar
Cabin View

Phillip Erbaugh
Woodson Brothers Brookville Paintout 2022 *
Playing the Game
Sax Man

Brad Fields
Even the Hold-out Leafs

Charlene George
Heron Reflections

Tim Greatbatch
Cattails on Ice *

Mary Gretsinger
After School *

Lesley Haflich
Waiting and Watching *

Susanna Hendrix
Storm Front
Window Washer and Passersby

Cathy Hillegas
Hidden Light
Winter On Brave Hollow Creek

Al Hopkins

Allen Hutton
Fence Row
Spring Field
Field Stream

Bill Inman
Meet Me Under the Bridge at 4
Let’s Rock
Out Checking the Fence Line with Gramps

Brian Charles Johnson

Jeff Klinker
Duck Creek Aqueduct
Gathering Bouquets
Sugar Creek Fall

April Knox
Winter Moonlight
Welcome All

Alan Larkin
Rose of Sharon *

Abigayle Lawson

Judith Lewis
Quiet Reverie
Onions and Garlic

Leanne Marchand
Dog TV *

Mike Martin
Cattails at Ft. Ben

Goven J. Martinez
Morning Mystery

Jeanne McLeish
Shine On

Mark Millis
Purple Haze

C.W. Mundy
Camden Harbor *
White River At Williams Creek
The Rocky Mountains

Bruce Neckar
Noblesville Scape
In The Field
Self Portrait

Pamela Newell
Exuberance *

Chris Newlund
Early in Low Country
Studying with Steele, IMU

Carleen O’Connor Rivera
Morning Chores

Diane Overmyer
Lilies and Hydrangeas

Lisa Pfenninger

Todd Reifers
Shooting Marbles
Monument Circle in Snow *

Rodney Reveal
Studio Buddies

Patricia Rhoden
Evening’s Hush

Thomas Robinson
Selma’s Morning
Whitewater at Metamora

Douglas Runyan
Cape Cod Marsh
Winter Creek

Terri Schultz
A Quiet Afternoon

David M. Seward
New Harmony Bridge *
Mud Creek

Donna Shortt
As You Like It *

Jerry Smith
Corea Harbor *
Heartland Crest
Sugar Creek February

Angel Space
Bloomington One

Rita Spalding
Melty Ice Cream

Patti Starr
Seventeen Steps

Carol Strock Wasson
Blizzard Warning *
Cloud Love
River Road

Gerald Traicoff
The Wedding Basket

Justin Vining
Clifton Wheeler’s Alley

Libby Whipple
Lydia’s Farm

Rick Wilson
Makin’ Hay

Dan Woodson
Perkinson’s Farm *
Field and Stream *

Tom Woodson
The Maine Boats *
Old Farm on the Hill *

Shirley Woolard

* award winner