Congratulations to the Artists Accepted into the 44th Annual Exhibition

Roy Boswell
Layers of Dust *
A Brief Light Pierces the Forest

Jeffery Bottom

Eric Brock
Shade of My Porch
Afternoon Sun

Rena Brouwer
Nature Rests

Char Beth Brown
Last Snow on Davis Creek

Luke Buck
The Farmstead *
Sky Line Overlook *
Stone Head 

Ken Bucklew
Rattlesnake Creek
Winter Sunset on Raccoon Creek *
The Studio Bluebirds

Ron Burgess
Field and Stream

Mark Burkett
Far and Near

Sandi Cook
Spring Daffodils

Peg Copenhaver
Dance on Water

Cynthia Crofoot
House of the Singing Winds *
Porcelain and Delphinium

Sondra Cromwell
Summer on Mississinewa River

Velma Davidson
Morning at the Lake

Steve Dawson
Fall Trees 

Lyle Denney
November Morning, a Street in Laurel
September, in the Whitewater Valley

Steve Dodge
Winter Solitude

Fred Doloresco
Summer Day *
Snug Harbor *

Daniel Driggs
Green Heron
Winter Eve
Heron by the Shore

Lynn Dunbar Bayus
Geese on the Canal
My Zinnias

Stephen Edwards
Jersey Girls

Brad Fields
Grief and Loss
Number 8 *

Timothy Greatbatch
Autumn Reflections, Ogle Lake
Upper Schooner Creek *

Mary Gretsinger
Carrie in the Coop *

Cathy Hillegas

Tricia Hillenburg
Lake Solitude

Thomas Himsel
Young Man’s Strength

Al Hopkins
Pears and Persimmons *

Patricia Huffman
Veteran Bob’s Catch of the Day

Sally Hughes
Hydrangeas *

Allen Hutton
Field Greens
Winter Wait

Bill Inman
Delicate Strength
Standing Tall

Troy Kilgore
Autumn Campus Indiana University
Winter Creek — Brown County, IN

Jeffrey Klinker
Blackwater Webster Lake *

April Knox
Cayo Costa Sunset

Alan Larkin
The Major Arcana — The Magician
His Master’s Voice

Abby Laux
Nothing by Itself

Wyatt LeGrand
South Seminary

Judith Lewis
Crabapple and Plum *
Silver and Plums

Ronald Mack
Last Days of Summer
Colorful Creek

Leanne Marchand
Grandma’s Secret
Serious Business
Red Lilies & Hummer

Jeanne McLeish
When the Peepers Sing
May, Trail One

CW Mundy
Late Afternoon Light, California Coast

Pamela Newell
Tea and Mandarins

Chris Newlund
Dawn Upper Salt Creek
Mark at Work

James Oblack
De Calf

Perry Olshein
Station Closed

Kate Orr

Diane Overmyer

Michele Heather Pollock
Story Inn
Autumn Splendor 

Dianna Porter
Early Morning Fog

J. Rodney Reveal
Shady Lane
Family Tree
Table with a View

Patricia Rhoden
The Silence of Winter

Thomas Robinson
Fall in Story *

Douglas Runyan
Ice Fishing *

Terri Schultz
The Sunbathers
The Seamstress

David M. Seward
Whitewater River

Jerry Smith
Eagle Eye View *
Heartland Valley
Country Gold 

Carol Strock Wasson
Symphony of Light *
A Cold Day

Brenda Whicker
Belleview Fruit Market

Rick Wilson
Evening Thunderheads

Tom Woodson
Fishback Creek *
Old Farm in Richmond

Dan Woodson
Quiet Snow *

*award winner